May 3, 2024 - Updates & Improvements

We're constantly working to improve Trust Wallet with new features, as well as fixes and enhancements. 

Get the latest version of Trust Wallet here: 

Browser extension 2.11.0

We're excited to announce Trust Wallet 2.11.0 Web Extension Release Update - packed with fantastic features enhancements, security boosts, and bug fixes!

What's New?

Solana Update: Enhancements for easier transactions on the Solana network.

Smoother, More Reliable Trust

Addressed several quirks for an upgraded experience:

  • Number Formatting: Fixed number formatting issues to ensure accurate data displays.
  • Ledger Data Representation: To sidestep any chance of misrepresentation, we've switched to toFixed for formatting in ledger records.
  • Undelegation Operations: We've streamlined undelegation activities for ledger users to provide a smoother transaction process.
  • System Performance & Stability: Fixed a bug causing system instability, and improved UI port initiation for better performance and reliability.

Upgrades are about making your experience better. Download the latest update and tell us how you're enjoying your improved Trust Wallet!

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