Trust Wallet Recovery Process Explained


Trust Wallet provides an industry-standard method for protecting your Private Keys through a 12-word Recovery Phrase. The Private Key for every coin and token supported by the wallet is derived from this Recovery Phrase. When creating a wallet, you are presented with this 12-word Recovery Phrase. For security reasons, it is essential to download Trust Wallet only from official sources.

Covered in this guide

1. Usage scenarios for this guide.

2. Steps to recover your wallet.

3. Tips for successful wallet restoration.

When to Use This Guide 

Use this guide in scenarios such as:

- Reinstalled the app on your device.

- Deleted Wallet.

- A new device has been set up to restore your wallet.

- Using the same wallet on multiple devices.

Steps to Recover Your Wallet 

1. Launch Trust Wallet: Tap on Settings if you've just installed the app and wish to restore an existing wallet.

2. Access Wallets: Display the current wallets by tapping on Wallets found in the Setting screen. To access the Import Screen, tap the "+" sign on the top right.

3. Access the Wallet Import Screen by clicking the plus sign: If you're restoring a wallet, select 'Add existing wallet.'

4. Enter the Recovery Phrase: Carefully type in the recovery phrase along with the wallet's name, then tap on Import.

The screenshot is for illustrative purposes only and is derived from a testing environment.

Your wallet should be successfully restored. 

After Successful Restoration 

Congrats on recovering your wallet and keeping your funds safe! Restoring Multi-Coin Wallets also recovers all other wallets associated with your recovery phrase, meaning you don't need individual private keys for every crypto. Amazing, right?

Make sure to download the latest version of Trust Wallet from  for all the latest features.    

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