What Are Dust Attacks?

While managing your digital assets, you may come across unfamiliar transactions called "Dusting Attacks." This guide provides a clear understanding of such events and how to safely navigate them. For immediate support, remember to visit support.trustwallet.com.

Covered in this guide:

1. Deciphering Dusting Attacks

2. Protecting Your Identity and Assets

3. Response Strategy for Dusting Attacks

Deciphering Dusting Attacks

- Dusting attacks involve the sending of small amounts, or "dust," to a collection of wallets.

- The attackers trace these transactions and collect data about your financial behavior.

- No action is required from the user when such attacks are identified.

Protecting Your Identity and Assets

- Always be cautious and protective of your personal and financial data.

- Never share your Secret Phrase or other sensitive information.

- Continually audit your transactions to detect unusual activity.

Response Strategy for Dusting Attacks

- If you identify a dusting attack, it can be safely disregarded.

- Do not attempt to move these small amounts to a different wallet, as it could provide scammers with valuable information.

- Remember to not share any personal details including your Secret Phrase, regardless of the situation or request.

Dusting attacks may come across as alarming, but with the right know-how and precautions, you can mitigate the potential harm. If issues persist, we encourage you to contact Trust Wallet Support.

An additional tip is to inspect the contract address; typically, you'll encounter an alert similar to the one shown below.

 This token is reported to have been used to mislead people into believing it was sent from well-known addresses and may be spam or phishing. Please treat it with caution.


 Ensure you're protected from these potential risks by regularly updating your wallet software: trustwallet.com/download 



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