Guide to Receiving Cryptocurrency via Trust Wallet

This comprehensive guide will help you understand the dynamics of depositing cryptocurrency into your Trust Wallet address through the Trust Wallet mobile app. You can either manually oversee the entire process or use our seamless "Deposit from Exchange" feature.

Covered in this guide:

- Importance of correct network selection

- Depositing using the deposit address

- Depositing from centralized exchanges general guide

- Depositing using the "Deposit from exchange" feature

- Screenshot.

Understanding the Importance of Network Selection:

Cryptocurrencies are often transferred via different networks. Inadvertently using an incorrect network can result in the loss of your assets. For example, addresses of Layer-2 blockchains, such as Polygon or Binance Smart Chain, can appear similar to ETH addresses. While the addresses look alike, the assets lie on distinct blockchains. This discrepancy can lead to missing funds after a deposit. Always verify the network before depositing crypto to your wallet.

If you need support or have queries about your Trust Wallet deposit, please contact our support team at   

Depositing Crypto Using Your Deposit Address:

This method involves copying and pasting your deposit details. As always, make sure you are using the correct network for your crypto deposit to avoid potential loss.

Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current prices.

Instructions for Depositing Crypto from Centralized Exchanges to Trust Wallet:

There is a comprehensive and general guide article,  walking users through how to deposit cryptocurrency from centralized exchanges to your Trust Wallet.

Exploring the "Deposit from Exchange" Feature:

This feature enables straightforward cryptocurrency deposits from popular exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. The process eliminates copying and pasting addresses, making it a simple option for moving your assets from these exchanges to your Trust Wallet.

To enjoy all features, please make sure you're using the most updated version of Trust Wallet:



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