How to Transfer BRC-20 Tokens

Please note that transferring BRC-20 tokens differs from transferring tokens on other blockchains. To transfer tokens from your Trust Wallet to another address, you must first inscribe a transfer.

Understanding the two states for your BRC-20 tokens

BRC-20 tokens have two states as they appear in your wallet balance:

  1. Available 
  2. Transferrable

Available BRC-20 tokens must first be made transferrable before you can send them. Transferrable tokens can be sent anytime. 

Making your tokens transferrable and sending them

When you open up the asset details page of any BRC-20 asset, you'll notice that you'll have an Available balance and a Transferrable balance. The process will show you how to make available BRC-20 transferrable, so that you'll have a transferrable balance.

  • Navigate to the BRC-20 asset you want to send, and select it. 
  • Choose Send from the asset details page.
  • Select the Inscribe button and the Amount.
  • Select Pay & inscribe.
  • Select the BRC-20 tokens you can to send. You can select multiple.
  • Select Continue, enter the recipient address, then select Continue again.
  • Review the details, then select Confirm.
If you've already made some of your BRC-20 transferrable, you can transfer them anytime. For any remaining tokens that are not yet inscribed using the above process, you'll need to make those tokens transferrable before sending them.

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