Introduction to Staking Crypto With Trust Wallet

Staking allows you to earn crypto rewards for committing your assets to support a blockchain network. By locking up your assets to the network for a period of time, you're supporting the network's security and operation, contributing to the validation of transactions and, in some cases, participating in governance decisions. 

How to stake crypto and earn rewards

Whether you're using the Trust Wallet mobile app or the Trust Wallet browser extension, staking your crypto to earn rewards is simple. Here's how:

  • Open Trust Wallet and select Earn.
  • Select the asset you want to stake.
  • Select Stake.
  • Choose the Amount to stake, and then select the Validator (you can also leave the default validator).
  • Select Continue.
  • Review the details, and then select Confirm.

Trust Wallet allows stake various cryptocurrencies and earn rewards via our trusted partners. To ensure you have all the staking options available to you, be sure to install the most up to date version of Trust Wallet here:

Looking for available staking options?

Go here to view available  staking options within Trust Wallet. 

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