1. Bridge Your Assets to zkSync
    • Add the zkSync Era Network to your Trust Wallet.
    • Visit
    • Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet for transaction charges.
    • Bridge your assets to zkSync Era.
  1. Deposit Liquidity
    • Deposit the bridged assets into zkSync.
  1. Interact with Projects on the Network
    • Identify projects launched on Era.
  1. Interact with SyncSwap:
    • Swap assets on SyncSwap.
    • Click on "Pool" -> "Positions" -> "New Position".
    • Choose "Classic" or "Stable" for deposit type.
    • Add liquidity to SyncSwap.
  1. Interact with Mute:
    • Swap assets on Mute.
    • Go to "Pool" -> "Add Liquidity".
    • Add liquidity to Mute.
    • Go to "Amplifier" -> "Stake".
    • Stake your liquidity tokens on Mute.
  1. Interact with EraLend:
    • Click on "Supply".
    • Choose to "Supply" or "Borrow" tokens on EraLend.
  1. Interact with Other Projects
    • Identify other applications on the platform such as Tevaera and Maverick.
    • Regularly interact with these applications.
  1. Donate to Gitcoin
    • Identify zkSync projects on Gitcoin.
    • Donate to these projects.
  1. Participate in Tasks, Quests, and Metered Programs
    • Look out for tasks, quests, and metered programs launched by the zkSync team and related projects.
    • Participate in these tasks, quests, and programs.
Remember, these actions do not guarantee an airdrop, but they may increase your chances based on similar airdrop programs in the past.

Polygon zkEVM

  1. Visit the Polygon zkEVM Homepage
    • Go to the Polygon zkEVM homepage.
  1. Add zkEVM Network
    • Click on “Add zkEVM network” to add Polygon zkEVM to your Trust Wallet.
  1. Visit the Bridge
  1. Acquire ETH
    • Ensure you have some ETH in your wallet to pay for transactions. You can get ETH using the Trust Wallet fiat on-ramp and withdraw it to your Trust Wallet.
  1. Transfer ETH
    • Use the bridge to transfer ETH from the Ethereum network to Polygon zkEVM.
  1. Visit the Ecosystem Section
    • Navigate to the ecosystem section of Polygon zkEVM and use the dApps.
  1. ? Use Orbiter Finance:
    • Use Orbiter Finance to bridge assets, potentially making you eligible for the speculative Orbiter Finance airdrop.
  1. Try Out Other dApps
    • Experiment with other dApps on the platform to increase your chances of a potential airdrop.
  1. Read the FAQ Section
    • Review the FAQ section where they mention the potential use of MATIC for staking and governance in the future.
  1. Check Founder's Tweets
  • Look for tweets from the founder hinting at the possibility of an airdrop of an existing token.

Potential Airdrops

  • Be aware that early users may receive a MATIC airdrop, an airdrop from a new token, or both. However, this is speculative and not guaranteed.

Please note that these actions do not guarantee an airdrop, and the launch of their own token is speculative.

Claim Period Airdrops

Text for Neutron Airdrop Claim

  1. Prepare Your Wallet
    • Acquire ATOM (from Cosmos Hub) or axlUSDC to pay transaction fees.
    • Send a small amount of tokens to your wallet to make the blockchain aware of your wallet's existence.
  1. Bridge Assets
    • Option 1: Use TFM’s IBC-Bridge to send ATOM or axlUSDC from an IBC enabled chain.
    • Option 2: Use Squid Router or Axelar Satellite to send USDC from a chain supported by Axelar and Squid.
    • Option 3: Manually bridge ATOM from the Cosmos Hub over IBC using Keplr.
  1. Visit the Neutron Token Generation Event Page
  1. Connect Your Wallet
    • On the Neutron Token Generation Event page, click on the designated field to connect your wallet.
    • Authorize the connection to allow the Neutron platform to interact with your wallet.
  1. Review Airdrop Information
    • Scroll down to the “Airdrop” section to find comprehensive information about your airdrop eligibility.
  1. Check Your Eligibility and Claim the Airdrop
    • If eligible, click on the “Claim” button to claim your tokens.
  1. Sign and Confirm the Transaction
    • Sign the transaction through your connected wallet and confirm the transaction to proceed.
  1. Monitor the Transaction Status
    • Watch the transaction’s processing status. Once completed, the pop-up will show either a success or failure message.
  1. Verify Your Claim
  • If successful, verify that your tokens have been claimed by checking your wallet balance.
  1. Unlock Airdropped Tokens Faster Through the Lockdrop
  • Consider participating in the lock drop to unlock airdropped tokens faster.
Please note that these actions do not guarantee an airdrop, and it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with your local regulations and laws before participating in this event.

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